you Love me

” Maybe I’m amazed that you enjoy meall the moment.”
— Paul McCartney
In Corrogue I am impressed
I increase by the light of paradise to continue this fantastic journey right into love. There is nothing else journey rather such as this. All of us get on this trip. Most of us, nevertheless, are not aware of this trip. As opposed to entering this fantastic flow of life we enter a maze of confusion.
There are mornings when I awaken feeling fantastic. I feel fascinated as well as packed with the lightness of being. Often on such early mornings, I sing a favorite tune. One such song is a song created by Paul McCartney. It is a song entitled “Possibly I’m surprised.”
On early mornings like today, there is no “maybe” about it. The power in this body is streaming. It is fine as well as refined and there is a sensation of being blessed. As Mary Oliver in her stunning rhyme “Wild Geese” suggests, “The soft pet of this body” is allowed to do what it loves. It likes this dancing of life beyond the boundaries of “my life.” It loves the celebration that is already right here.
In his song Paul McCartney sings “Possibly I’m surprised that you love me constantly.” When Paul McCartney wrote these lines he was in a little bit of a maze. He was lost. He’d enjoyed the Beatles dissolve. He had not been sure who he was past “Beatle Paul.” It was the love and assistance of his better half Linda that assisted him to move out of this maze of doubt as well as unknowing. He familiarizes that the suffices yet the role of a Beatle or any type of various other roles.
Still, he does uncertain.
This is suggested by the word “Possibly.” He simply can not quite think just how much this lady loves “him.” Is this not fantastic? More outstanding still is that this love is personal. This individual love is stunning but still, it is within time. The really impressive thing happens when you recognize that you love yourself beyond time. When you know that you are love eternal then the word remarkable just does not come close.
I understand I have enjoyed it all the time. Beyond also this “I am” is the knower of love constantly. This is the incredible gift that we journey towards understanding. We climb up the hill of consciousness until we obtain a glance of the incredible being each of us goes to the heart. We are made in the picture of God and God is Love.
Religious beliefs show us that God is love but still we go into a maze of confusion.
We take these words to mind however they do not become our heartfelt recognition. As opposed to recognizing that God is the love we prefer to count on God. We go with the description instead of the amazing experience of going “past belief.” Words, “God is Love” have actual meaning when you know. To know that “God is Love” is to understand that you are Love. Not that you are caring yet that you love itself. No perhaps. Only assurance. Just the important recognizing that you are the True blessing as well as it is right here currently.
The majority of us are not prepared to understand this.
We assume it is conceited to imagine that we can be at one with the Beloved. We forget that we are constantly there. We neglect that we create this illusion of separateness we call “me” and “mine.” We forget that we truly are. If you recognized, you as well, would be singing “Maybe I’m surprised that you love me at all times.” You as well would certainly recognize there is no “possibly” regarding it.
In this recognition, you are currently enough. You leave the labyrinth of complications as well as questions. You are no more lost. You recognize you are the kind of the Beloved forever. To understand this is the trip of the heart. It is a trip from expatriation as well as the return to the homeplace.
So I go dancing to this power of my soft pet body. I listen to today’s wind that has tricks to tell. It whispers in my ear. “You are outstanding.” I wake up and I become aware “I am.” This suffices.